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Business Area
Century Performance Corporation, authorized by the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China, is a qualified A-level performance agency attached to the All-China Youth Federation and China Youth Center for International Exchange. As a leading professional company in China, Century Performance Corporation mainly provide services in aspects of planning, organizating, promoting and consulting cultural and commercial performances. Since its establishment, Century Performance Corporation have successfully undertaken hundreds of international cultural activities and thereby introducing numerous world-famous artists and groups to Beijing. Through consistent efforts and persevering hard work, Century Performance Corporation is well on the way to the zenith of art world.
We are looking forward to working together with you to further develop the cause of cultural exchange between China and the whole world.
Primary Services:
The organization of cultural exchange activities as well as commercial performances and the proceeding of approval procedures of the Ministry of Culture and the department concerned.
Planing, organizing and implementing performances and cultural exchange activities for individuals or groups from home and abroad.
The organization of outstanding domestic art groups to carry out performances and cultural exchange activities abroad.
Organizing and facilitating performances as well as other activities and fostering healthy images for companies home and abroad.
Providing the designing of dancing, lighting and sound-effecting for performances.
Providing equipment lease for performances.
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