Business Area
A three-month’s notice is required. Leasing contract should be signed within one week after reservation. Reservation will be deemed as a waiver if the contract fails to be signed in set time.
A 50% of total amount of the contract should be paid as downpayment within 3 days after the signing of the contract. Contract will be deemed as a waiver if the amount fails to be paid. 
Any performances and activities must be on with the approval of the Ministry of Culture or the cultural authorities concerned.
The decoration of the stage must be complied with the standards of the Fire & Security Department. A security inspection report from the authorities concerned is required after the decoration.
The price

     Main Theater : RMB 50,000.00 per day;
     Decoring : RMB 40,000.00 per day;
     Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM~10:00 PM
     Overtime charge: RMB 2,000.00 per hour
     International Conference Hall: RMB 10,000.00 every four hours
     Pianoforte for rent: RMB 3,500.00 at a time
     Rehearsal Room: RMB 1,000.00 per hour
     VIP Room: RMB 2,500.00 once
     A 15% of total amount will be charged for services.
Non-extra services:

     Install cybernate lighting system.
     Install sound monitoring system.
     Install stage equipment and up to 100 seats on-stage.
     Professional technicians assisting in operating equipments.
     Dressing Rooms for performances.
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